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frozen beef, goat, lamb and chicken available in Pakistan for export.

Frozen Meat

Export Quality frozen Goat, Lamb, Cow and Chicken Meat

Himalayan Pink Salt ready for export from Pakistan for Canada and USA.

Himalayan Pink salt

100% Pure Pink Salt

Leather and leather products ready for export from Pakistan to USA and Canada. Leather wholesaler in Canada.

Leather & leather Articles

Cow and Buffalo Leather
Lining Collection & American Life Style

Fresh mozika potatoes packaged for export available in Pakistan


Fresh Pakistani Potatoes

Grade A, Tier 1 solar panels. Brands are Jinko and longi. Mono-facial and Bi-facial panels.

Solar Panels

Grade A, Tier 1 Solar Panels

Sony Ultrasound thermal paper roll UPP-110s in Pakistan

Ultrasound Thermal Paper

UPP 110S & UPP 110 HG

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